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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Mike Jacobson
Created on Feb 11, 2021

SmartIcons in Aha

We need to be able to call out visually for our senior leaders things like blue chips, initiatives with material end user impact, unconfirmed roadmap timing, etc. We also use icons to create custom legends and visual representations of the capabilities themselves, e.g., the physical spaces icon in green used below in the screen shot. These smart icons are critical visual cues for us to convey pertinent details. We need to be able to add, change color/size, and move around the roadmap, as needed.

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Ability to add Icons, Shapes or Figures to some records to be shown in Roadmaps

It would be great if in Roadmaps or Pivot reports could represent records fields by Icons, Shapes or Figures. For example, instead of showing the Status of an Epic or Features, could be represented by a Circle. A custom field (pre-defined values) ...
Edgar Holguin 11 months ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Country field with flags that can aid visuals in reporting

Hello world, I am using custom report to visualize gantty roadmap of features. For those features, I am showing fields: t-shirt size, name, status, MDs estimate, MDs spent, Country. In case there are multiple countries selected for a particular fe...
Daniel Pokrývka about 2 years ago in Reports 3 Future consideration

Add a custom image/icon to goals and initiatives

When presenting a roadmap, the different coloured flags aren't a great way to distinguish goals/initiaves. Before using Aha, our roadmap presentation benefitted from images/icons to show which features belonged to which goal/initiative. I think be...
Guest over 6 years ago in Reports 1 Future consideration