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Prompt before committing bulk changes from Integration Updates screen

The Send Changes command on the Integration Updates screen should really prompt a user to confirm when making bulk changes. I inadvertently selected it instead of the Ignore command for 30+ features and promptly update my JIRA instances -- which i...
David Vins over 5 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Map custom fields to tags/labels in external integrations

Current implementation only allows tags to be mapped to Labels (e.g. in Trello) As a result custom fields (e.g. predefined list of components) cannot be exported to external integrations, unless they explicitly support custom fields on their own....
Guest over 5 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Allow removal of background on reports added to Notebook

I would like to be able to remove the background (make the white space transparent) of reports that are sent to a notebook. This would allow for smooth overlapping of reports in order to create dashboards in the notebook.
Codi Gaudreau over 5 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Aha! mobile: Filter features by status

I love that I can filter by release when viewing features on the mobile app - it really helps to narrow down the results. However, when there are a lot of features in a single release, it would helpful if I could also filter by feature status so t...
Nathaniel Collum over 5 years ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Define independent Initiative Matrix views

Currently, you can rename the axes in the Initiative Matrix once, and after that your 2 values per axis are intended to be aligned. So Effort & whatever you rename Effort will always have the same value. It would be nice if you could instead c...
Guest over 5 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Add custom fields to Ideas within Aha management tool

We have a process that requires us to make some proposals for customer before the idea will become the feature. Customer chooses the one and we can promote it. Please add the custom fields (like requirement in the Feature) with possibility to prom...
Alena Loyter over 5 years ago in Ideas 2 Already exists

Make search box permanently visible

When searching for off references using the global search behind the magnifying glass, clicking to open it every time is tedious. why not make it permanently available without having to open it everytime?
Jon Ellis over 5 years ago in Search 0 Unlikely to implement

add users at any time

it is not efficient when creating a product, then strategy, then release, etc. only to have a need to add a user to this effort. you have to go back to the account menu to then add to the user. I would be great if at anytime in the flow you can ad...
Guest over 5 years ago in Account settings 0 Already exists

another hierarchy level

There needs to be another hierarchy above Product line. This hierarchy may be used as a business unit, or VP roll up. In large organizations multiple people will be using the tool to track their efforts, and not all teams will have the same proces...
Guest over 5 years ago in Account settings 0 Already exists

convert a product to an initiative

there are times when an initiative is mislabeled as a product and it would be easier and more time efficient to correct if you could just convert the product to an initiative. It saves time.
Guest over 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement