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Remove 'Del' function for idea record in Salesforce

When a user creates/proxy votes an Idea from Salesforce (support case, etc.), the list of those Ideas are captured in Salesforce, including a 'Del' function. Clicking to 'delete' the idea only deletes it from the list in Salesforce, not in Aha (po...
Jeff Shaffer over 2 years ago in Voting 0 Shipped

When importing users, the system WILL import new users and List users it cannot import.

May I suggest that when importing, the system WILL import new users and simply spit out a list of users it cannot import?That would be a time saver. Currently it simply halts with references to rows it cannot import.
Elaine Robinson almost 6 years ago in User management 2 Shipped

Support Visio file attachments to Idea Portal

Visio is used often to diagram flows, so it would be helpful to allow those as attachments for new ideas submitted.
Mousa Mitwasi almost 3 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Ability to customize Aha! fields/categories

Our Product Marketing team is interested in starting to use Aha! for both campaign management and tracking tasks. Is there any way to customize the category/field names so that, for instance, we could rename “Releases” to be “Campaigns”, etc.?
Micaela Heck almost 9 years ago in User management 0 Shipped

Add a checkbox to accept T&Cs

Hi, It would be a great addition to have the ability to set a content which ideas portal's users must accept to join the community. Thanks
Guest about 6 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Change branding of voting

can we change the branding of voting, make the button a "Like" button or some other name?
Guest about 9 years ago in Voting 0 Shipped

Ability to import votes from existing Ideation tool

We are converting from UserVoice and need to retain all data including number of votes on existing ideas.
Trit Mulligan about 9 years ago in Voting 0 Shipped

Consolidate Status Filter

When a portal has multiple workspaces that share the same status lists or lists that include the a status that is named the same, the Status filter will list each options for each workspace. What should happen is that the Status options in the fil...
Chris Eichermüller about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Idea portal automations that can post Admin responses

After using the ideas portals for some time, we have found that ideas fit into general buckets. As part of this, there are certain requests that are outside the scope of our portal. As such, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to create an a...
Dan Green over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Additional documentation around removing an Idea Portal Custom Domain

While there is documentation on adding a new Custom Domain for an Ideas Portal, there is no information on how to actually remove one once it has been created.
Lori Anderson over 3 years ago in Branding 0 Shipped