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Link the feature ID for a promoted idea

When I promote an idea into a feature, I'd like the contributors see the feature ID from the idea. Indeed, in our company, the portal is currently opened to internal employees only, they also have a view-only access to Aha roadmap. They request to...
Emilie Takeda about 9 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Portal user email customisation

We are able to change the terminology within the portal settings - i.e. we use 'Request' consistantly (in the portals and the tool) rather than 'Idea'; however, when the automatic email notification is sent to new users it states" "You've been in...
Dan Jeffery over 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Pasting images into the pop up "Add Idea" window results in error

Error message reported when pasting an image from the clipboard into the text field in a pop-up window.
Laird H over 2 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Shipped

Show more than one "in progress" in the Filter by Status

I set the workflow status to represent a stage-gate process. So, I have more than one status (4) in the "in progress" Category. It would be very useful have all in the filter.
Guest over 9 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Shipped

Bulk edit assignees for Idea's Portal

Can support create an enhancement that replaces all the Ideas that had the original owner (Idea “creator”) created and change to a new person? Our current situation we have over 2000 ideas opened with one person signed to it. The goal is to have t...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Remove 'Del' function for idea record in Salesforce

When a user creates/proxy votes an Idea from Salesforce (support case, etc.), the list of those Ideas are captured in Salesforce, including a 'Del' function. Clicking to 'delete' the idea only deletes it from the list in Salesforce, not in Aha (po...
Jeff Shaffer almost 3 years ago in Voting 0 Shipped

When importing users, the system WILL import new users and List users it cannot import.

May I suggest that when importing, the system WILL import new users and simply spit out a list of users it cannot import?That would be a time saver. Currently it simply halts with references to rows it cannot import.
Elaine Robinson about 6 years ago in User management 2 Shipped

Ability to customize Aha! fields/categories

Our Product Marketing team is interested in starting to use Aha! for both campaign management and tracking tasks. Is there any way to customize the category/field names so that, for instance, we could rename “Releases” to be “Campaigns”, etc.?
Micaela Heck about 9 years ago in User management 0 Shipped

Change branding of voting

can we change the branding of voting, make the button a "Like" button or some other name?
Guest about 9 years ago in Voting 0 Shipped

Add a checkbox to accept T&Cs

Hi, It would be a great addition to have the ability to set a content which ideas portal's users must accept to join the community. Thanks
Guest about 6 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped