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Allow Attachments to be added in reports

If someone included an attachment as part of their idea, we would like to include that as part of our reports as a link to the attachment. On the idea portal, there is an ability attach files. However we can only view those files if we are looking...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Column Headers for Dependency Report

After adding additional columns to the Dependency report (example: feature due date, feature status), it would be helpful to be able to see the column headers. Without the column header, its not clear if a date is a feature due date or start date.
Guest about 5 years ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

Provide an ability to perform sql queries against the database to pull data. For example, record links based reports are extremely limited in scope.

Need to create a list of features/stories that have dependencies, filter by the dependencies and sort by the dependencies.
Deepak Arasappa almost 7 years ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Enable folks to edit fields in report views

Ex: we have a workflow that requires additional inputs at each stage and list views developed to show reports of the records that go through this workflow. Rather than clicking on each record name for every record in the report to provide edits in...
Danielle A about 3 years ago in Reports 6 Future consideration

Reduce duplicate Rows in Reports: Aggregate/merge related data in a cell (in a pivot report or hierarchy report)

Overview - Reports contain multiple rows with instances of the Primary Record Type as soon as you add a column from a "Related Object" that has multiple values, making it hard to visually consume the data. Problem - In List Reports we see the valu...
Guest over 4 years ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Ability to show 2 types of records in one column (master feature and feature records) but in different cells/rows in a Pivot report when the records are not linked.

In our configuration, we have either Epics(Features) or Master features linked to a Goal. In a pivot report, we want to show all Epics and Master Features linked to the Goal in one column. For the report, the primary record is the Goal and Epics...
kanak l almost 5 years ago in Reports 8 Future consideration

Enable/disable row/column calculations independently in pivot tables

Option to have column or row data as totals. Current design always shows both which can cause issues when you do not want a row total.
Paul Dickie about 5 years ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

Enable more "filtering" possibilities in the Analytics Diagram

Dear Aha! Team, my idea is about adding more filter possibilities in the Analytics Diagram Report. Situation today As of today the existing four filters on the Diagram report are not only used to filter, but also to hide/show a certain hiera...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Reports 3 Future consideration

Ability to do subtotals in Pivot tables (in addition to Grand Total as it is today)

For ex: if we have a dollar value (numeric custom field) associated with each release, let's say it's the release cost - I would like to be able to add up all release costs per each product (sub-totals) in the same product line, in addition to the...
Guest over 6 years ago in Reports 5 Future consideration

History of date field

Looking to report on due date changes of features and epics for decommission efforts.
Lindsay Gainey almost 3 years ago in Reports 5 Future consideration