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Created on Sep 24, 2018

Enable more "filtering" possibilities in the Analytics Diagram

Dear Aha! Team,

my idea is about adding more filter possibilities in the Analytics Diagram Report.

Situation today

As of today the existing four filters on the Diagram report are not only used to filter, but also to hide/show a certain hierarchy (“Goals”, "Releases", "Initiatives", "Products") in the diagram. This is very helpful for me as a user to decided which products I want to look at in the Report and I can also decide which elements I want to "hide" in the Report completely (e.g. let's hide the Level of "Goals"). However, my team often wants to analyze a certain subset of initiatives. These initiatives are classified in a custom field which we added to the initiative field layout.

Problem Examples:

Giving you two examples for filtering which we want to apply:

1) 70% of our initiatives evolved out of ideas from customers, while the other 30% were defined as internal, new capabilties. To differentiate between these initiatives we have a custom field on the initiative layout. And now, in the Diagram we sometimes want to hide all initiatives of one type or the other one.

2) We have added a custom field on the initiative layout to define which customer domain came up with the idea behind the initiative. In bigger organizations (like ours) this could be a certain Business Domain. In Startup companies using Aha!, you could think of a diffent customer Segmentation, such as "Customer Country" or "customer type (Admin, Viewer, Product Owner, etc.)". Now, it is also often relevant for us to filter for this custom field in the Diagram Report.


Known workarounds

This custom field cannot be added to the Analytics Diagram Filter list, which forces us to either...

a) manually set a check mark on each initiative which we want to show/hide in diagrams in general (no good workaround) or

b) classify the initiatives one more time by linking them to different goals (which unfortunately is redundant work - also we prefer not add another hierarchy "Goals" to the view) or

c) work with other reports, e.g. the hierarchy Report ( or a list view, or Pivot. (This is what we do today, but the Analytics Diagram report is way more fun and interesting to explore and to look at)


Suggested Solution

Please allow users to add filters for custom fields on the Analytics Diagram.

These filters should NOT Impact the number of hierarchy Levels - they should instead increase or reduce the number of records shown for those hierarchy Levels which are already visible.

Note: In my case I only Need to filter for custom fields added to the initiative layout. Other Aha users may have the need to add filters for custom fields on other layouts (e.g. Releases, Goals, etc.).



Thanks & Regards


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  • Jon-Paul Ciambra
    May 29, 2024

    This visualization looks good but I do not have the time to select each object that I need to include. I work with a global portfolio of products and need the same filtering functions that are available in pivot and list reports for this one to be useful.

    For example, if I want to visualize the initiatives, epics, features and releases for all features that were "dev done" in year, I would need to run a list report on the side and then manually select each individual initiative. Unfortunately this is too time consuming. Thank you!

  • Carina Velazquez
    Jun 16, 2023

    We have some workspaces that are years old and there is so much data that the diagram will not even load. Would like filters added so we can dwindle down the data say by the date to at least those items for the year so that we can get the diagram to load and get something.

  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2018

    Another comment: I said that the filters should NOT Impact the number of hierarchy Levels - from my perspective this is "optional". If there is a solution which allows determining if a filter is creating (or NOT creating) a new hierarchy Level, then this works!


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