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Aha Should Delete Expired Workflow Approvals

We design our workflow per "Workflow Approval Design.JPG" that require approval for each status transition. Take "Discovery" for example, 4 approvals would appears in To-Do tab. Approving one of them to trigger status change, and the rest of the 3...
Hank Liu about 2 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Integrate “AHA Idea link” within Feature

My idea is to integrate “AHA Idea link” within feature as soon as AHA idea push to Rally as a Feature We have separate URL for AHA idea therefore to check all critical information like Idea submitter, Business Owner, Comments, Business Justificati...
Jitendra S 9 months ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Swimlanes in features board

I really believe the structure of the feature board could (and should) be greatly enhanced by adding the possibility to define swimlanes (for instance by theme). I know there are pivot reports that allow you to create an overview like this, but it...
Guest about 6 years ago in Features 3 Future consideration

Sync edited JIRA comment into Aha records

I am a JIRA user and I want my edited comments to appear in my linked Aha Record so that when I create a custom report this information is accurately reflected in JIRA
Andrew Brooks almost 4 years ago in Features 4 Unlikely to implement

Add ability to sort by custom score fields on the features board

If using a custom score field in place of the default field, say to rename the field, users currently lose the ability to sort by score on the features board. Giving the ability to sort by a custom score field would allow users to replace the fiel...
Bryan McElhinney over 1 year ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Make record ID's distinct for records shared with Develop team

When users are notified of Product features that are assigned to a Develop team, the notifications link the users to the Roadmaps board where it originated. On the reverse, Develop features that get assigned to a Roadmaps release, direct users to ...
Stephanie Lechner about 2 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Limit initiatives to those within my product

When linking a feature to an initiative, after selecting Existing initiative, I use the drop-down to choose an initiative and see ALL product initiatives. Guess where my product the bottom! So, I have to recall my initiative names and sear...
Jonathon Leeke almost 8 years ago in Features 9 Future consideration

Integrate with Office 365

As a large enterprise we use O365, OneDrive, Planner, Project Online, Groups, Etc. Native Integrations would be nice.
Guest over 6 years ago in Features 4 Future consideration

Add "last updated" date on reports

It would be extremely useful to be able to look at a report and understand the "last updated" date so you would know if there is updated content. The "last updated" date would change if any of the content in the report underwent a revision/change.
Perri-Anne Sims almost 5 years ago in Features 3 Future consideration

New features added to master feature inherit attributes

I'd like to be able to add a new feature to a master feature and have it inherit info like Aha! score, custom fields (e.g. customer, market, initiative), etc.
Elizabeth Karam almost 6 years ago in Features 4 Future consideration