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Allow feature boards to show releases and their features across multiple products

This would allow for an easy view that can be used to review and prioritize features, especially when features across multiple products have dependencies. Viewing and filtering multiple releases from different products in the same features board w...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Features 2 Future consideration

make item history filterable

as a user, I want to be able to view item history... when item history is long and cluttered, it would be helpful to see just a subset of events in the history log... when I am trying to find a particular event. e.g. Filter to exclude API/inte...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Features 2 Future consideration

Import requirements, one row per requirement

I do pre-planning in a spreadsheet, to get initial agreement on what the different features and requirements are. This takes the form of one row per Requirement, with a column to link each Requirement to a particular Feature. I would like to be ab...
Kevin Burges almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Display Holidays in the GANTT chart

It would be really useful to show the holidays in the GANTT chart, also with the possibility for the users to add custom days-off!I just realised that I was assigning tasks during Christmas Day....ooops. I understand it may be tricky to add all th...
Guest over 8 years ago in Features 3 Unlikely to implement

Allow multiple workflows in a product

Within a given product there can be different types of initiatives and features. Aha! supports the concept of feature types and allows templating of the description field by type. Would like to see an expansion of this concept to support configura...
Bonnie Trei over 4 years ago in Features 4 Future consideration

Allow bulk edit of initial estimate

As a PO my view of the work has a farther horizon than the dev team. To sketch a plan, using the capacity tools, I need a way to put in an initial estimate of the work. This is a tactic I've used for years and call a PO Estimate, and after a certa...
Aaron Kremin over 5 years ago in Features 2 Future consideration

Gitlab import of issues as features in aha

It should be possible to import issues from gitlab into aha as feature.
Guest over 5 years ago in Features 4 Future consideration

Features Workflow by Status by Product

As a Product Manager, I would like a Kanban view of features by product. The current features workflow has swimlanes for assignees and sometimes that's good, but I often need to see features by product without regard to who they are assigned to.
Tom Beck over 6 years ago in Features 3 Future consideration

Ability to customize the list of requirements within a feature

Currently, the list of requirements within a feature is fixed and only contains 3 columns: Requirement # Requirement Name Status It would be great if we could customize the columns to display. In my case, the status is not that important to see ...
Pascal Begin about 7 years ago in Features 7 Future consideration

Multiple Feature Boards

Allow to create multiple feature boards where columns can be defined by a different set of criteria. For example, I want to have one in a Kan-Ban style (with swimlanes by a release) , another one with a co...
Anton Mamichev about 7 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration