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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 12, 2019

Allow feature boards to show releases and their features across multiple products

This would allow for an easy view that can be used to review and prioritize features, especially when features across multiple products have dependencies.  Viewing and filtering multiple releases from different products in the same features board would streamline this reviewing process for my team.  Also, allowing these boards to be saved as a roadmap/report would be essential.  This could be done at the product line.  For example, instead of selecting a product to view features, why don't we select multiple products and see all the features.  We'd then be able to use the standard filters and filter by product or release name, specifying exactly what we want to view.  Also, this could be accomplished if the current features board would allow the "product name" or "release name" filter to display the products and releases selected.  Finally, this could also be added as another roadmap or report.  I have had multiple colleagues ask for a report like this and it is unfortunate that it is not offered.

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  • Charles Ribeiro
    Feb 6, 2024

    This is something teams and leadership want to look at across multiple teams and be able to assess and prioritize in one view vs a Gannt chart. Would be very helpful to have this capability. I can see a challenge in release names differing between boards or different release counts so something to consider. If you are going to enforce the standardization of releases across multiple boards to support this then allow each individual board to have a release alias so they can customize the release names on the Indvidual boards while adhering to a release name standard for consolidating multiple boards.

  • Guest
    Mar 24, 2022

    Oh gosh, just noticed that this request was posted in 2019!

    This is such an obvious feature when planning sprints - in order to accurately allocate engineering resources.

    I understand that AHA believes they already introduced a way for their users to do it (combine everything into a single workspace), but shouldn't the software allow its members to use the product however they wanted to?


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