Ability to apply a 'Release>Portfolio' filter and list of Releases to the 'Feature>Board' release views


Would be great if we had the option to take a saved filtered view from the 'Release>Portfolio' screen (therefore if you have created a view where only 3 of 7 active releases are visible) so that when you go to the 'Feature>Board' view only those 3 of 7 active releases are displayed, almost like a synch option.  The feature board is the most common feature listing view and seeing all releases when we really only want to see specific ones that are in synch with the Release>Portfolio view would be ideal (rather than moving releases in/out of parking lot).


Daniela Patterson

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  • Mar 5 2015
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  • Michael Sluis commented
    March 05, 2015 22:10

    This sounds like a great idea - being able to focus on the most important information on one of the most frequently used views makes us more effective and productive.

    It also helps to preserve the clean, easy-to-love interface that is one of the signature features of Aha!

  • Guest commented
    April 27, 2015 01:43

    Hi - is there any chance this Idea might be implemented soon.  Issue:  We currently have Releases filtered via Release>Portfolio and we prepare Notebooks based on this saved view.  However, we can't do the same in the Feature>Board view and making it very hard for clients to follow/track easily.  It is causing great confusion.