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Ideas portals should not show ideas from other portals that share the same products

If you create two private (or public) ideas portals and both have product A and product B, any ideas created in either portal are visible in the other. In this scenario, I want one portal for employees and one for customers. I do not want custome...
Suzanne Vaughan almost 9 years ago in Ideas / Ideas portal 24 Shipped

Preserve attachments when promoting idea to feature

When an idea is in it's infancy, attachments may be added that are still relevant when it's promoted to a feature. However currently it looks like those attachments don't carry over to the feature when the idea is promoted. It would remove duplica...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

Add field "feature release" to the "Idea List" field options

When an Idea has been promoted, I'd like to see what release the feature has been assigned to so I can track the ideas --> features --> releases all in one place (from the perspective of the original idea).
Guest almost 9 years ago in Ideas 2 Shipped
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Link "ideas" portal comments to promoted "features"

When one promotes an "idea" to a "feature", the comments for the "idea" remain in the "idea" and don't move to the "feature". It would be very helpful if the features from an "idea" would seamlessly be available in features (even if it were just a...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 26 Shipped

Ability to change order of products in idea portal drop down menu

Currently there is no way to manually manipulate or change the order that the products show up in the drop down menu or how they appear in the category list on the portal home page. Need to do this so that I can put more important products towards...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 6 Shipped

Blend Aha! user accounts with Idea portal user accounts

As a product manager, I love the concept of using the Ideas portal to improve internal transparency and serve as a submission point for all features, bugs, general ideas, etc - the current permissions structure makes that a bit cumbersome and conf...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 4 Shipped

Add ability to link two ideas.

We are just starting to use the ideas portal - we have officially rolled it out to all of our salespeople. Right now we can link ideas to features, but we would also like to be able to create relationships between ideas. Why is it useful? a...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 3 Shipped
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Create Scores based off Survey Input from the Ideas Portal (Game Changer Idea!)

I want to use surveys on the Ideas Portal to rank ideas and features. Ideally, I can create custom fields that submitters fill out that are used to score ideas, place them on the ideas chart, and rank features converted from those ideas. This woul...
Ross Reynolds (External) about 9 years ago in Ideas 21 Shipped

Add filter by date range

In both the features and the ideas, I would like to be able to filter by the create date. This would be most helpful when creating a notebook and only showing new ideas that came in in the say the last 30 days or since the last release date.
Rob Bedeaux about 9 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Allow portal users to edit their own ideas

Usefulness: As we rollout Aha! Ideas to replace an internal Trello board of 100s of ideas across 100+ person company, we're looking to ensure our new solution offered the flexibility of the old one. We're rolling out our Idea portal in April and ...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 7 Shipped