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Product Specification

Similar to the Notebook, but a little bit more freeform - I would like to have a little more control over the presentation of my specification documentation so that I can present it to potential clients. This way, I will have more engaging custome...
Guest about 8 years ago in Presentations / Product 1 Already exists

Product Wiki

It would be beneficial to have a screen that's focused on orienting folks to what the product is and has a space for linking the key documents for quick access by the team members thats managed outside of Aha. Pitch decks, salesforce, rosters, etc.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Aha! and Slack Integration

With a digital first mindset on the rise and more tools like Slack being used for asynchronous communications and collaboration, the ability to create workflows from within Slack to be able to submit an Idea or create an epic or feature would impr...
Karie Kelly about 3 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Delete "Prefix" for deleted products

It is a dynamic world. Sometimes it is better to delete a product and later on possible to reuse its prefix? (have to admit that this is due to the start up of product management, but everyone who starts will be confronted with this issue?) Thx Nic
Guest over 6 years ago in Product 1 Already exists

Change timeline time scale

Change timeline time scale to just phases eg current, near and future
Guest about 7 years ago in Product 1 Already exists

Feature Visualisation Maps

Features can have relationships with other features recorded and this is really helpful for building out the overall feature architecture when they're "visualized". It would be great to have functionality to display an overall features visualizati...
Guest over 7 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Strategic Planning (Goal -> Initiative -> Super-Epic -> Epic -> Story)

As a Product Exec with many products, I would like to perform strategic planning with corp Goals, corp Initiatives, and aggregated Super-Epics in order to provide structure and guidance to my next 18 months. As a Product Manager, I would like to h...
Guest over 7 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Ability to track customer stories

It would be great to have a facility to profile key customer stories in the same way that we can competitors, this would assist in communicating value propositions in line with our product strategy. A default template could include: Overview, Re...
Fraser Mayfield about 8 years ago in Product 2 Already exists

Custom Type for Product

We are expanding our use of Aha to include non-Product groups, such as Marketing. Would help to be able to change the Type on the Product configuration in the same way you can for Product Line.
Guest over 8 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Having the ability to delete custom field tags

Custom tags are a powerful feature. for reasons I'm confident you're aware of. However, once you create a custom tag field, say "PM_Ideas", there is not the ability to edit or delete the tag value. This is very limiting in such key ways as 1) Once...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Product 2 Already exists