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Created on Oct 21, 2014

Bug tracking please!

I would like to be able to have my QA team track bugs against a Requirement.

It would enable better visibility into the probability of a specific feature / requirement making it in to a projected Release (or the likelihood of the release slipping) if we could quantify the number of bugs associated with it.

QA should be able to identify how they are going to test each Requirement.

Each test should have a status of passed / failed

The Requirement status is then changed based on workflow:
counts of the following: Tests to do, tests done, Bugs Found,  Bugs Resolved, Passed (all counts)
status for requirements or QA test plan: Returned to Engineering, Engineering Active, Engineering Resolved, QA Active, Passed

I would like to see counts of bugs by status at the bottom of each requirement, and tallied up to features and releases. 

I'm just now starting to use Aha!, so forgive me if this is already in the product and I missed it.

    Jan 6, 2016

    As described in the comments below, bug tracking can be done through Aha! today. The suggested workaround is to create new requirements for each item and prefix the requirement name with "BUG" to tell the difference between the original requirememnts and implementation issues.

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  • Susan Portnoy
    Feb 9, 2023

    Hi. We are new to Aha! and are experiencing the same issue with not having a clean way of managing bugs. This looks like it was brought up back in 2014 and is still an issue/request by users. Is there a plan to handle this in an elegant way? Or do we have to continue with the hack? It would be ideal to have the options of Epic, Feature, Requirement, and Bug.

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  • Arun Kalyanaraman
    Feb 12, 2022

    Hi .. we have been using requirements to get bugs back into Aha so it gives us a holistic view. We just have a small ask to be able to add some indicator or a type field (currently custom) in the list of stories shown under the feature. Currently, that cannot be distinguished from the stories and the only way to look at it is on reports. But we keep looking at individual stories all the time and this will be very useful.

  • Dianna DeCristo
    Aug 26, 2020

    How is this expected to work with Jira or Azure Devops integrations where Bugs are first class work items that need to sync independently?

  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Oct 21, 2014

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We use Aha! ourselves to track our development process. When we are developing a new feature, and we discover bugs or improvements during the QA process, we create new requirements for each item that needs to be fixed. It is not quite as elegant as what you described, but it does allow tracking of all of the changes. One technique we use is to prefix the requirement name with "BUG: " so we can tell the difference between the original requirements and the implementation problems.