Allow complete branding of Ideas submission confirmation (replacing Aha! cartoon graphic)

Most of the Ideas area can be branded - it would help to be able to brand the "Thanks for submitting your idea" confirmation in submit-only portals to be a graphic other than the Aha! cartoon of a man holding a sign.  You can add your own logo, but not remove the cartoon.

  • Donna Sawyer
  • Nov 23 2015
  • Already exists
Release time frame
  • Aug 8, 2017

    Admin Response

    This is currently possible using custom CSS. Customize your portal CSS from Settings -> Account -> Configure idea portals. Select your portal, then go to the Portal branding tab -> Custom CSS.

    Use the following CSS and insert the URL of the image you would like to use:

    .future-fred-thanks {
    background-image: url("insert your image URL here");
    background-size: cover;
    height: 300px;

    .future-fred-thanks img { display: none }


    Click here for more details on customizing your portal.