real time on excel exports

I am responsible for creating reports showing how much time my product team spends on products, goals, and initiatives as well as capacity planning. I was really excited to see that Aha allows people to log their time on features and requirements. But I was very disappointed when I exported a report and the time values are hopelessly distorted. IE if someone puts in 4h for four hours on one thing and then 4d for 4 days on something else, these both come out just as 4 on the excel export.

This renders the reporting in Aha almost useless because it means that people then have to re-enter their time information just for the excel report. Unless there is a setting somewhere that allows me to specify what the time value is?

For example, people would enter their time on the logged effort as 4d or 4h but when I pull the report I can request that all time is converted to days. So that would come out as 4 and .5. I could then manipulate the data in excel as per I am required to report and have accurate logged times. 

We want to make Aha central to everything and do away with logging information elsewhere. This time value distortion on the reports is preventing us from doing that. Although, I might be missing a setting somewhere that allows for this.

  • clare hancock
  • Aug 23 2018
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