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Created on Apr 22, 2016

Count Logged Hours for JIRA Story and Task Children

Currently the "logged hours" component in Aha reports displays the hours logged against the parent feature or requirement mapped to JIRA.


If Aha requirements are mapped to JIRA stories, then Aha pulls in the hours logged against all mapped JIRA parent stories


As such, Aha does not pull in the hours of the story's sub-tasks ('children'). JIRA, however, does include the sub-tasks in the story's hour rollup. 


This request is for Aha to include the Story and Task's sub-tasks in the 'hours logged' component. 




    Apr 29, 2016

    Hi Alex & team,

    What you are asking for here already exists.

    The level at which estimates are synced between the two applications is based on if you set Aha! to have capacity tracked at the requirement level or the feature level.

    If you set it for the feature level, only feature level estimates are synced. If you set it for the requirement level, only requirement level estimates are synced.

    Now, if you are looking to have it tracked at both the feature and requirement level simultaneously that unfortunately cannot be done due to how the two applications handle estimations.

    The reason we cannot do both is as follows:

    Estimates for requirements in Aha! roll up to the feature.

    Estimates for sub-tasks in JIRA are summed on the story, but not rolled up to the story.

    If Aha! sent on both levels you would see JIRA estimates duplicated because of this.

    1. JIRA sends sub-task estimate for 10 days to Aha!
    2. Aha! rolls that up to the feature and says the feature has a total of 10 days of capacity
    3. Aha! sends the feature 10 days to JIRA
    4. JIRA adds the 10 days to the user story.
    5. JIRA now has 10 days on the sub-tasks and 10 days on the story for a total of 20 days instead of 10 days - oops.

    As such, it needs to be handled on an either or basis.

    Similarly, if you have Aha! requirements mapped to JIRA stories, the sub-task estimate is not actually part of the story from a JIRA data perspective and as such it is not visible to Aha! since the sub-task is not mapped to Aha! 



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  • Guest
    May 17, 2016

    Hi Danny, we have it set to sync at the requirements level - but those requirements have sub-tasks which are not rolling up. That's the issue. 


    ie; in our case the 'requirements' are stories. 


    The hours logged against the stories are properly showing up. BUT, the hours logged against the story's sub tasks are NOT showing up.