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Allow for an up or down vote

We want to know who is for and who is against an idea (like a youtube video where you can vote up or down)
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas / Voting 15 Unlikely to implement

Link goals to vision

all goals should reinforce the business vision
Guest about 9 years ago in Strategy 3 Unlikely to implement

Provide tools for Change Control

Once development on a release is underway, things happen. Change Control should encompass approvals and permissions to edit dates and schedule, and rollback. Here are some requirements: 1. A product owner (or an "uber product owner", e.g. the VP ...
Guest about 9 years ago in Releases 1 Unlikely to implement

Integrate email communication

It should be great to have the possibility to start an email conversation with someone (usually a customer) from every point in Aha! where it now is possible to add a comment. That email should be sent to the given address and responses to tha...
Guest about 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Unlikely to implement

Summary email listing user's assigned features and to-dos

As a user, I'd like to receive a daily summary email that lists: 1. open features assigned to me 2. open to-dos assigned to me This is essentially a push of 'My Work' feature and to-do lists.
Guest about 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Feature URL should be clickable in the feature list in notebook view

Why isn't the feature url clickable in the notebook in the feature list view? This means people have to copy and paste it out to look at it. Same for the idea list view.
J. Mile about 9 years ago in Presentations 4 Will not implement

Improve control of Ideas panel fields (order of fields)

As a product manager, I would like to have more control of the Ideas panel, so that I can better structure the ideas panel for different products. As currently implemented, I don't believe I am able to make changes to the order in which ideas are ...
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Reduce Email Delivery Time (to a consistent 30 seconds to a minute delay after last activity)

As a user, my expectation is that I should receive an email notification in a minute or less, otherwise I assume that the email functionality is broken. Some Aha! emails come through almost instantly, while others take anywhere between 5 and 30 mi...
Guest about 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Will not implement

Alert when moving a feature from one product to another

We love Aha! for it's flexibility. However, it would be great to configure something platform wide (our platform). We would love to be able to have warnings if the user tries to move a feature from one product to another. This happens to us (accid...
Guest about 9 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

View information from the Idea and the Feature at the same time

We need a way to either:1) have custom fields entered on ideas, automatically copied over to features when promoted. 2) Create a view/ report that show the information from both the feature and the linked idea? Our use case is that we are using A...
Gord McNeill about 9 years ago in Ideas 6 Already exists