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Provide an ability to perform sql queries against the database to pull data. For example, record links based reports are extremely limited in scope.

Need to create a list of features/stories that have dependencies, filter by the dependencies and sort by the dependencies.
Deepak Arasappa about 6 years ago in Reports 2 Likely to implement

Customize time to show only hours not days

Today all time (estimate, capacity etc) is displayed in the format of days and hours. If you type in 16h it will be converted to 2 days. We only work in hours when calculating estimates and capacity etc. So this is only confusing. It would be we...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Account settings 6 Likely to implement

Allow integration records to be filtered in a list report

As a PM, I'd like to keep track of items sent to our Dev tool (in our case, JIRA) and I would like to have the ability to create a list report of items that exist in JIRA right now. If I had the ability to filter by JIRA URL, I could easily see wh...
Greg Koeka about 5 years ago in Application 1 Likely to implement

TestRail extension for Aha! Develop

TestRail is a popular test case management tool. I would like a TestRail extension for Aha! Develop that provides deep integration between Aha! and TestRail.
Jeff Tucker about 2 years ago in Extensions 0 Likely to implement

Search: include filters

Use case: I want to easily find records that were created or updated by others on a certain day Idea: Add filters to search for users and date
Julie Price 5 months ago in Search 0 Likely to implement

Granular Legend configuration for Charts

Hello AHA Team, i´m working with the new Chart Format. As there are less configuration options available any more, this chart drives me cracy. Please, give me back more granual configuration options. My chart shows a lot of different Categories as...
Guest over 2 years ago in Reports 0 Likely to implement

Filter the backlog by tag

I've also been asked by a colleague if it could be possible to have multiple backlogs within a team, to enable richer/more powerful planning through the division/segregation of backlogs. I suggested to use tags, and filter - but the workflow board...
Mark D over 2 years ago in Sprints 1 Likely to implement

Add Search Functionality on Configure Ideas portals section under Account settings

Currently there is no search functionality on Configure Idea portals section under Account settings. And we have to look through the list of the idea portals to find the one we are looking for. It will be very helpful if Search functionality is ad...
Uma Prabhala over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Likely to implement

Empathy sessions: option to customize the "Title" in emails

Today, I can edit the "Subject" and "Introduction" of emails that are sent to contacts for an empathy session, which is useful for tailoring the message. It is not currently possible to edit the "Title", which can lead to a confusing message for m...
Dale Potter over 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 1 Likely to implement

Make required fields consistent for virtual users

In the below screenshots, email address is a required field on the first screen, but not on the second. Email address shouldn't ever be required when creating a virtual user.
Bryan McElhinney almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 1 Likely to implement