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Status Likely to implement
Categories Strategy
Created by Nick Hays
Created on Dec 1, 2023

Moving Competitor records from one workspace results in a mixed view of data

When I move a competitor record to a new workspace, I am left with a mixed view of data. The record details remain visible on the page even though the record itself no longer exists in the workspace I am viewing.
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  • Prashanta Balraj
    Feb 29, 2024

    When copying a competitor from one workspace to another, the competitor is copied, however, fields are hidden and it does not keep the same formatting as the original competitor page. We then need to unhide fields and reformat the copied competitors page.

  • Nick Hays
    Dec 1, 2023

    When the first record is moved the Chrome browser will automatically update the screen to display the first competitor remaining in the workspace, but subsequent moves keep the "moved" competitor displayed.

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