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Status Likely to implement
Categories Account settings
Created by Nicole Downes
Created on Nov 24, 2023

Restore/provide option to show color on Sidebar in Initiative and goals

Who would benefit?

People creating/assigning goals and initiatives

What impact would it make?

Quick visual check of matching goal and initiative

How should it work?

The Color selected for the Initiative or Goal would be the color used on the sidebar. Recently, this was changed to status color instead.

Add an option on the Card Customisation setting to select if the color is used, not the status. The status can be shown using other methods on the card already.

The status can be seen with the Status pill if required.

Given you have only recently changed from this to status color, I am hoping it isn't too much effort to restore this feature. PRETTY PLEASE!

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  • Nicole Downes
    Jan 22, 2024

    The status is no longer shown on the expanded card. Given my "On track" and "Achieved" statuses are both shades of green, it is very difficult to tell which are completed. When you restore the color to the sidebar, can you also add back the status indicator. Or if you decide not to restore the color can you add the status indicator so I can tell which is Achieved. Thanks