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Allow automations to run on any custom field

Not just the fields present in your epic/release/feature/idea template. I have flows for each of these record types that add new fields for input later on and would like to run automations on them, but can't unless I add them to the template used ...
Danielle A about 2 years ago in Workflow boards 1 Likely to implement

Estimate in points, but log work in time

My agile development team uses story points for estimation. Once work is in progress, I want my developers to log work in time. This helps me understand where their time is going, and to inform future estimates for planning.
Jeff Tucker about 2 years ago in Capacity planning 1 Likely to implement

Voting tool

Use case: I want to run idea brainstorming sessions with my team and allow users to vote on the ideas Idea: Add a way to vote on an object in a whiteboard and include voting control settings (i.e. users can only have 5 votes total across the white...
Brian de Haaff 7 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Likely to implement

Idea Portal Digest Notifications

We would like to allow our users to configure a digest for their notification subscriptions in the ideas portal. Ideally, they would be able to customize how often they receive notifications (immediately, daily, weekly) for each subscription they ...
Jeff Champagne about 4 years ago in Ideas portal 5 Likely to implement

New ideas/features lists do not remember my customizations

When I go back to the ideas list I expect that it will remember the changes I made to the columns and filters. I believe it used to, but the new version of them does not.
Kelly Sebes 4 months ago in Features / Ideas / Reports 0 Likely to implement

Ability to apply a workspace template to multiple workspaces in bulk

Workspace templates are a great way to encapsulate workspace configurations into a template, so that we can quickly spin up new types of workspaces. However after creating a new template, we have a need to apply that template to a large number of ...
Mark Eaves over 1 year ago in Account settings 2 Likely to implement

Automation rules can trigger each other

Dear Team. In order to gather several approvals via to-dos in our feature and idea workflows, it seems automation rules would be a better choice for us then fixed workflows. While experimenting them it turned out that one automation action which c...
Krisztina Hodjan about 3 years ago in Product 1 Likely to implement

Add wireframing components

Use case: I want to create wireframes in whiteboards so I can share my initial concepts with others and gain alignment on the path forward Idea: Add wireframe components to whiteboards
Sarah Moisan-Thomas 8 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Likely to implement

Hide features in "Will not do" from the backlog

In Aha! Develop, I see work records that are in the "Will not do" status on my backlog. During a sprint planning exercise; there may be times where a backlog item is moved into a Will not do status. This means that the work does not enter the spri...
Madeleine Black about 2 years ago in Workflow boards 0 Likely to implement

Apply "customise terminology" consistently - not just in some places

"Custom terminology" states "you can customize the terminology that is used in Aha! to match the language your team uses" but this isn't true. Customised terminology is NOT applied in many areas of Aha! including Capacity planning. We don't use th...
Andrew Sharpe about 1 year ago in Application 3 Likely to implement