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Status Likely to implement
Categories Reports
Created by Cheryl Hatos
Created on Apr 4, 2024

Ability to have the 'Create a copy' option maintained when copying a dashboard

What is the challenge?

I have a template dashboard where I have unchecked the 'Create a copy' box to I can maintain a single copy of the reports in the dashboard.

When I make a copy of the dashboard template, the 'Create a copy' setting is lost in the copied dashboard and I can no longer maintain the panels in a central location.

What is the impact?

Time - To be able to have the panels updated in a single location, I have to build the same dashboard layout each time I need that format. This also means Or, I have to update each dashboard when I make a change to a single panel.

We have multiple teams and launches where we need consistent reporting by team/launch etc.

Describe your idea

Add an option when copying a dashboard to maintain the "Create a copy" settings of each of the panels. It would also be nice for the "Create a copy" option to apply to the dashboard itself, so that any changes to the dashboard can be done one time and pushed out to all copies, including text panel changes.

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