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Bulk Delete Users

Currently we need to delete 1200 users that are inactive. Taking on this endeavor 1 by 1 is timestaking and tedious. Would be great if we could bulk delete. There could be multiple ways to verify this is correct to ensure that no one could uninten...
Shawna Wilson 10 days ago in User management 0 Unlikely to implement

Users to see their own idea regardless of visibility setting

We have configured our ideas so that when an idea is submitted, it is not published in the Ideas Portal until it has been reviewed (and idea status changed). However this is confusing users as they want to be able to see their own ideas immediate...
Julie Edwards 2 months ago in Ideas portal 2 Future consideration

Greater functionality for idea portal automations used with multiple selection fields

We use automations to automatically assign ideas based on their categorization. Quite often ideas overlap product categories and as such multiple categories are assigned. The issue we are finding is that by adding the secondary categorization the ...
Dan Green 5 days ago in Ideas portal 0

Idea portal automations that can post Admin responses

After using the ideas portals for some time, we have found that ideas fit into general buckets. As part of this, there are certain requests that are outside the scope of our portal. As such, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to create an a...
Dan Green 5 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Allow users to choose the default ideas view

When a user logs in, the default view of ideas is 'trending' and we have users who would like to be able to change the default to recent so they can keep up to date with what has been recently logged
Sophie Ramsden 6 days ago in User management 0 Future consideration
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Conditional forms on ideas portal

Since I have more than one idea category, I have custom fields that are associated and useful for specific categories of ideas. Currently I need to put all of them on the input form and display layout for all ideas. This makes the form unnecessari...
Jonathan Berg about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 28 Planning to implement

Admin response templates

Based on trends we have seen with idea submission, there is generally a few buckets submissions fall into that require an Admin Response. As such, we have drafted positioning templates to expedite a proper response in these situations. It would be...
Guest 19 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Add organization and contact into proxy vote from Zendesk

When using the zendesk integration to submit ideas into Aha, the integration creates a proxy vote correctly using the Zendesk filer's email address. But the integration does not populate the organization and comments. This forces us to go back to ...
Shri Iyer 7 months ago in Voting 1 Future consideration
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Grouping Ideas Portal Users by Customer/Account

It would be great to be able to define in Aha! what "company" or "account" each Ideas Portal user belongs to. After the company information is available, we would then want the ability to filter and sort the Manager Portal Users screen by this fie...
Jeff Moore about 6 years ago in Ideas portal 23 Future consideration

Show custom field description bubble within the create form/view

When creating a new idea within an idea portal, the description bubble does not appear next to the field. This description bubble is most helpful to idea submitters when initially creating the idea, yet you currently cannot see it until after crea...
Guest 24 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration