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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Maria Plotkina
Created on Feb 21, 2024

Do not count description template as text when that field is required on idea submission

Who would benefit?

Those utilizing the "template" option in description fields on ideas (and likely features) who have surfaced that field in portals and made it required.

What impact would it make?

Currently, if you have a template added for your idea description, you make that field required for idea submission, and you surface the template in your portal, the tool counts the template as "text" and allows you to bypass adding any actual content to your description despite it being required.

How should it work?

The form should recognize when text was automatically pulled in as part of the template vs when it was input directly by the user submitting the form. Descriptions that only have the former but are set to required should not bypass the requirement to input text.

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