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In a Presentation, I would like to be able to add hyperlinks to my Notes and/or reports for my internal Aha Users.

I have several internal best practices that I want to share with my Internal Aha Users as links to 1) Reports and 2) Notes which I have added into presentations like Standard Report Library - see related support request 473159
Guest 7 months ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Allow text alignment and columns in slide headers

Given that I might want to use a title slide, I would want to use the fixed header as a fixed row in a long presentation. Text boxes allow for alignment within the presentation, but it is not currently offered in the slide header.
Dustin Ingram 8 months ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Visible fields functionality for notes added to presentations

My presentations primarily consist of notes. At the bottom of each slide, it shows every related record link associated with it. Sometimes this is dozens of links that I don't need to show and that also look very messy. (One such slide has ~100 re...
Taylor Le about 1 year ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Ability to Create and Publish Presentation Templates

I would like to be able to create and publish presentation templates for my team at the company, product line, and/or product level. This would allow us to have standardized views across all products and presentations. Ideally, I would like to ad...
Carah Counts about 1 year ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Presentation: Automatically names PDF to the presentation name

Pretty simple here. When generating the PDF for a presentation, please provide the ability to name the PDF as the presentation name. The PDF default means nothing. You end up renaming the PDF name anyway. You suggest starting with the prese...
John Seifert about 1 year ago in Presentations 1 Shipped

Unlock slides when they are not being actively edited

When prepping for a presentation where multiple people are collaborating, we are constantly running into the issue of people locking slides unintentionally simply by viewing the slide deck or forgetting to close their tabs. As a result we have to ...
Todd Meyer about 1 year ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Easier way to nestle notes

When nestling or organizing notes, it would be GREAT to have a better way to nestle the note. I find my self spending so mch time trying to create categories within notes, so I tend to give up. Maybe how you drag and drop pages in confluence?
Guest over 1 year ago in Presentations 3 Shipped

Improve the load time when loading Notebooks

Notebooks can be slow at times when updating or when rendering in a browser. An Improvement in this would be great.
Andrew Brooks over 1 year ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Add a wizard to create a dashboard within my notebook

Today, I can currently create my own dashboard of a few different reports by copying and pasting them all onto one slide, dragging them around, and resizing them. It would be great to have an easier way to do this. I want to be able to edit a sli...
Guest about 2 years ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Remove count of records from hierarchy report in notebook

Hierarchy reports are often filtered by certain fields when preparing saved views to share with others. In fact, it's very rare that ALL of my initiatives or goals would appear in a single hierarchy report. The report looks great, but in the expor...
Guest about 2 years ago in Presentations 0 Shipped