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Categories Presentations
Created by Austin Pederson
Created on Nov 4, 2021

When copying a Presentation, Interactive views configuration should be honored in copied version

Useful - This would be useful, given the infinite permutations the interactive views can be configured. It can take quite a bit of time to configure an interactive view, to match from one presentation to another.

Benefit - This would benefit any composer / collaborator of a presentation. In addition, consumers of presentations would have an improved experience, with commonality from one presentation to another.

How it should work - When you copy a presentation, the interactive view configuration from the original should be applied to the duplicate.

FWIW, this reminds me of the Michael Keaton movie from the 90's... Multiplicity, wherein the copy ended up with less fidelity/quality than the original.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Nov 5, 2021

    Hi Austin, thank you for the feedback. This is a great improvement and we will prioritize this right away. Thanks!