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Categories Presentations
Created by Mike Jacobson
Created on May 30, 2023

Add filters on the External Sharing page in Account Settings

Issue: I need to find a presentation so that I can stop sharing the webpage. At this time when I go into the Menu: Account > External Sharing, I see a 25+ presentations per page with a total of 50 pages.

  1. The presentations are not sorted alphabetically.

  2. There is no sort functionality.

  3. There is no search bar.

  4. There are no filters.

  • Please note that I am not a collaborator on the presentation so I cannot search and find it and even if I could, I do not know the naming convention of the presentation itself so I have no way to knowing what to look for. All I have is the link provide above.

Use Case: We have presentations that are being shared as webpages and users give us a link and ask us (aka Aha Admins) to stop sharing and ‘take it down’.

Expectation: I need a way to search and find presentations in the Menu: Account > External Sharing. How can I find the presentation so I can ‘stop sharing’ it?

Release time frame 3 months
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