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Additional documentation around removing an Idea Portal Custom Domain

While there is documentation on adding a new Custom Domain for an Ideas Portal, there is no information on how to actually remove one once it has been created.
Lori Anderson 4 days ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Need the "View Comment" link in idea notification emails to take you to the comment

Customer posts idea commentSystem send email notification to Admin that a comment has been postedAdmin clicks the "View Comment" linkIdeas portal opens the ide to the default first tab, not the commentAdmin click the comments tab and opens to priv...
Wayne Barelds 30 days ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Ability to configure overview field layout

Aha has several standard fields that we do not want to use, whether on the epic, feature, or requirements level or of not of high importance compared to other fields. With the new UI, this becomes even more evident as the information is consolida...
Karie Kelly about 1 month ago in Application 0 Shipped

New user experience: Show More - config setting

With the new user experience, every time we access an Aha record, we have to click Show More to view the entire description as very little shows. I realize that this is to minimize scrolling and keeping the tabs above the fold; however, we would ...
Karie Kelly about 1 month ago in Application 1 Shipped

Allow bulk editing within the requirements tab of a feature, and other places

It would be great to be able to quickly bulk edit records from various places in Aha! besides only the List report. Common examples I run into:Bulk editing requirements in a feature (bulk convert to features, assign, change status, etc.)Bulk editi...
Todd Meyer 2 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Add H1 tags in ideas portals

We recieved various crawl errors with regards our ideas portal and when troubleshooting this it appeared to be an issue on your end. We are raising this is a feature request so that you can look to resolve these errors in the future.
Guest 2 months ago in Ideas 3 Shipped

Ability to save Dashboard as PDF

Would like to be able to save dashboard as PDF for viewing outside of Aha
Julie Edwards 3 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Be able to pivot more than 999 records. 😢

The nature of pivoting data allows a user to group/summarize large amounts data. Not being able to pivot data in real-time in Aha is requiring us to constantly export data to get numbers every other simple data tool can easily support. I have no i...
Laura Giles 3 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Add missing Rally "Release" built in field at Feature level so that users can map Rally Release field with Aha Release field under Integration

Add missing Rally "Release" built in field at Feature level so that users can map Rally Release field with Aha Release field under Integration (This is not Release record , it is the field under Feature level in Rally).
Uma Prabhala 3 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

From the Report view, be able to Add to Dashboard as you are able to Add to Presentation

I created a new report. Then wanted to add it to my Dashboard, same as I have done for the presentation. And I couldn't use the export selection in the top right.As a Reports/Dashboard user, I would like to easily add a report to the dashboard ...
Pamela Thomas 3 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped