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Share dashboards as a webpage

Dashboards provide key metrics across products and projects on a single page. This is useful information for people who are not Aha! users. Please add the ability to share dashboards as a webpage.
Austin Merritt 4 months ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Show Chart Legend on Dashboard Panels

On a Dashboard, it would be useful if chart components could optionally display a legend to increase the readability and allow for 'hover-less' consumption of the content.
Joe Buehlmeyer 4 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Allow scrolling on dashboard widgets when shared as a Webpage

When sharing a dashboard as a Webpage to stakeholders, the individual widgets do not scroll. This makes it appear to stakeholders as if what is displayed 'above the fold' on the report is the only data available, when there is usually more data a...
Kalyndra Craven about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Shipped
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Calculation Custom Field Type

The use case is that you create a custom table for storing financial/budgeting type data for a project. You add a number custom field for "Planned Spend" and another number custom field for "Actual Spend". The desire is to have another calculated ...
Matt Case almost 4 years ago in Reports 22 Shipped
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Reports & Notebooks: Allow for Customization of Column width & Row Width/Height

We plan to use the Aha! reports to status on strategic planning with Executive Management. A challenge I am having is the overall presentation & cleanliness of the layout based on the different types of content. For columns & rows that inc...
Alex Joachim almost 5 years ago in Reports 20 Shipped
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Allow Sorting Rows/Columns in the Pivot Table

Currently, the Pivot Table does not allow sorting column and row headings - everything is sorted in ascending order. We should use the same tech for sorting cell contents to allow sorting row and column headings.
Alex Bartlow about 5 years ago in Reports 17 Shipped

Float descriptions with custom date range road map view

When setting a custom date range, descriptions are needlessly omitted for releases that start in the past. The description should float to align with the start date of the roadmap if there is enough room to dispaly
Guest over 3 years ago in Reports 4 Shipped

From the Report view, be able to Add to Dashboard as you are able to Add to Presentation

I created a new report. Then wanted to add it to my Dashboard, same as I have done for the presentation. And I couldn't use the export selection in the top right.As a Reports/Dashboard user, I would like to easily add a report to the dashboard ...
Pamela Thomas 4 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Make 'my favorite' reports easier

Reporting is power.When opening a new report I love, add a one-click way of easily making it a favorite (while I have it open). Then, I need an easy one-click way to access my favorite reports, from any page within the Aha! application.Currently, ...
Deirdre Clarke over 2 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

"Select All" option for reports

I could use a "Select All" option for reports. I see there was a previous request that was marked "shipped", but it does not work. Clear selected is there, but not "Select All".
Avigail Ehrenhaus almost 4 years ago in Reports 5 Shipped