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Created by Rudy Hallez
Created on Jun 16, 2023

Add progress calculation method in list report to enable portfolio data quality monitoring

In order to monitor data quality within our portfolio, it would be useful to add the calculation method (e.g. enter manually, calculate from child objectives, calculate from releases, etc...) in the columns available in list report. This would be required for objectives, epics, releases, features... basically any records where the progress calculation method exists.

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  • Rudy Hallez
    Sep 15, 2023


    Thanks, it���s lovely to see this fields in our report list!

    However Aha doesn���t allow us to create a chart (there was a problem generating your report).

    e.g. I have a pie chart with the count of epics id by epic status. It works well but if I select progress calculation as the slice, it doesn���t work.




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