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Created by Kevin Martin
Created on Sep 29, 2022

Please restore list functionality under ideas, epics and features

Our PMs are quite unhappy with recent retraction of lists they used regularly under the idea and feature tabs (and they had also called it a bug that it was not working under Epics as well). They believe local admins disabled navigation or broke their list reports.

Please rollback that bad UX change, or at least allow the admins to reconfigure a choice so that our PMs have their lists functionality where they want it. The recent bad feature delivered to all users requires additional steps to navigate away from the idea/feature context, to go into reports overview and find a list report - many PMs are calling it a bug in their daily workflow. From a UX perspective, it now requires more steps, and it requires workarounds like a bookmarked custom report where a tab selection was fine before.

Those PMs are like most of the 80+ PMs I have worked with in last 4 years who very much dislike the entire UX design of reporting, roadmaps tab, additional steps to reach reports. Forcing them through that UX is a bad design pattern.

Please provide them with better UX with a list report as it were before, and enhance that with a configurable 'my favorites reports' that can be appended to tabs, or as a faster navigation under the roadmaps tab.

    Aug 17, 2023

    We have added the ideas and feature lists back to the navigation.

    Your workspace owner will need to enable these options in Settings > Workspace > Navigation.

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  • Andrew Pearson
    Jul 27, 2023

    still not fixed; instead the latest overview changes simply link you back to the standard list reports and the ones out the box don't even include the number of votes meaning you have to go and add the fields and save the list view which is just not how it used to work. It is really frustrating that you still haven't recognised and fixed this!

  • Leanne Miller
    Mar 2, 2023

    I seriously need this list view back. I used it all the time when reviewing things on workspaces.


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