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Categories Trello
Created by Danny Archer
Created on Mar 28, 2015

Send feature due dates to trello

We added feature due dates to Aha!

Currently the trello integration supports: 

  • The due date of the card will be set to the release date of the release the feature belongs to.

Now that features have due dates, that date field should be set by the actual feature due date (if it exists)

    Aug 29, 2018

    We just released an enhanced Aha! integration with Trello that allows you to have full control over the way information flows between Aha! and Trello — in both directions. It is now possible to sync a feature's due date bi-directionally or not sync it at all.

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  • Angus Davis
    Jan 29, 2016

    The due date in Trello should be set to blank (i.e. not set to any date) if the feature in Aha lacks a due date. The current behavior of setting the due date in Trello to the due date of the release is problematic. All the due dates of cards in Trello get set to wrong dates if the feature in Aha has no due date. This requires manual effort to subsequently remove the inaccurate due dates from the trello cards.