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Status Future consideration
Categories Trello
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 6, 2024

Show 'Start date' in the Trello integration

What is the challenge?

There's currently no way to sync feature dates in their entirety to Trello.

Aha's current integration only surfaces Trello's Due date for mapping, meaning that it's impossible to do do time-based planning across platforms as you need both Start and End/Due dates present for planning to occur.

Our team operates across platforms where Aha provides our product/lifecycle work input. We need to get a holistic view within Trello combining SRE, Data, Lifecycle/product and other streams of work.

What is the impact?

It is impossible to have cards sync dates between Aha and Trello, seeing as Aha only shows Trello's 'Due date' available for mapping and not also Trello's 'Start date'.

Currently, time-based planning is not easy due to Aha not being able to synchronise start dates to and from Trello. It creates an insane amount of overhead for our team as we'll need to keep the dates of both platforms in tune manually.

Describe your idea

The Aha integration is already surfacing all other Trello card fields, but is not surfacing the 'Start date'.

The idea would be to surface the Start date in the integration so that both Start date and Due date can be properly synchronised across Aha and Trello.

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