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Status Future consideration
Categories Trello
Created by Dan Pohlman
Created on May 1, 2018

Trello Integration: Aha Release & Trello List

Add the option to have Aha create and update Trello Lists.    When teams are using Trello for Project Management they typically need to have the Release and Trello list tied.  The features become cards in Trello then they use something like Trello Hello Epics to assign tasks to the different members.  It is very clunky to get things setup and maintain.  You have to setup the release in Aha and the Features in Trello.  Then as you add epics in Aha the have to go into a parking lot area in Trello and then you have to move them from the parking lot are to the correct list / release.  Other alternative is after creating the release in Aha and then the List in Trello you change the List that features get mapped to and then send things across ... problem here is your alway monkeying with the integration.  Simplify things and just provide the option to have Aha create the lists and then create the features under the list.

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Map Trello list to Aha Release, instead of Feature Status

At the moment, Trello Lists are mapped to Feature status, and there is a customisable mapping available. Thank you, that can be helpful when the whole Trello board is used for a single release - as illustrated on "Trello As Is" attachment. As peo...
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