Be able to promote an idea and/or feature to an initiative

Sometimes ideas come in that are much larger than features and are initiatives themselves. Currently the ability to promote an idea to a feature is a big help but it'd also be a huge plus (especially for roadmapping) if the ability to promote an idea (or even a feature) to be an initiative. Right now, the way the process would work is if an idea needed to be promoted to be an initiative, it would first be promoted to a feature and then an initiative would be manually created afterwords. Streamlining this workflow would be a big help.

  • Michael McClellan
  • Mar 5 2015
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  • Guest commented
    May 20, 2015 08:49

    This is becoming more important for us. We are using ideas to capture and score proposition level discussion and want to then promote them to initiatives. this naturally links to the other requests of:
    - initiatives having owners & being able to score / prioritise initiatives.

    In an ideal world, the idea scores would carry through to initiatives.

  • Nicola Hills commented
    July 22, 2015 11:59

    Agreed, many of our ideas are bigger that a feature/user story and so need to be easily converted to initiatives to elaborate from there.

  • Tamer Sabry commented
    August 08, 2015 08:20

    Today our Ideas are really initiatives. So I want to convert an idea to an initiative. 

  • Admin
    Brian de Haaff commented
    October 01, 2015 23:47

    We note the budding support for this, but still find it a bit curious because most customers do not have that many initiatives. We can see adding support for it but would like to see it gain in popularity. We are putting it into the "Unlikely" category, but that is simply because it is not a top priority right now and we are doing a better job categorizing our own ideas. We can easily revisit the status and prioritize it in the future if needed. 

  • Guest commented
    October 02, 2015 08:01

    Hey Brian,

    I think it’s perhaps less about the number of initiatives and more about the number of ideas that could become initiatives and need discussion, prioritising and filtering down prior to being promoted to an initiative. Right now, when a proposition idea gets agreed to become a bigger initiative, we have to take it out of ideas and recreate it in initiatives and also lose the score and ownership.

  • James Rutherford commented
    October 29, 2015 15:33

    Even if we can't promote ideas to initiatives, at least being able to link them together would be hugely beneficial for hopefully obvious reasons (that's actually what I came here to vote on, but see that it's been merged into this idea, which I don't entirely agree with). I was quite surprised to find that this wasn't possible.

  • Tamer Sabry commented
    November 05, 2015 07:41

    Hi, I still believe this has tremendous value. Can you please revisit it. 

  • Guest commented
    November 06, 2015 22:19

    This would be a big help for us as well.  We have a large portfolio of products (150 developers) and are using initiatives synonymously with "Projects".  We have about 40 - 80 projects going in a 12 month period loaded with features that make up and MVP.

    Many times ideas will start as a feature or ideas from customers and as it needs to be broken down more it will eventually turn into a Project / initiative at which point it would be great to promote the feature and then create linked features from there.

  • ashley gibson commented
    March 02, 2016 19:36

    We need this. We have dozens of initiatives coming in and need a way to capture them and then promote.

  • Nathan LeMaster commented
    April 21, 2016 22:00

    This is something which is badly needed for us as well.   

    We have a number of ideas which we would like to develop, but will take more than a single sprint or release to implement.  Converting to a feature is not going to work because a feature can not exist in more than one release.

    We either need features which can work across multiple releases, or much more capable initiatives including the ability to create and initiative from an idea or feature, or link to an existing idea or feature. 


    Right now this is a manual process, and linking the idea and feature is a matter of copying and pasting the URL's in each which is not optimal. 

  • nicole zinna commented
    May 03, 2016 17:55

    I VOTE 10000000000 times for this. 

  • Joe Andreana commented
    May 03, 2016 17:59

    This ability will allow documentation to be generated more seamlessly and to build features off of an initiative and the requirements.

    The ability will allow for a higher visibility across stakeholders and a clearer vision of what is needed. It will also allow your product to be flexible enough to be used in different industries.

  • Andrew Tipton commented
    May 25, 2016 08:01

    Agreed idea can become anything in the hierarchy: - Story (Requirement), Feature or Initiative, promote to ...... and create the link.

    Not sure if it messes with your data model but it would allow better communication with idea creator 

  • Richard Siebels commented
    May 25, 2016 13:36

    I am a new user of Aha! and this ability seems like it should be second nature. Many times (using our existing system) a user or manager with the organization, or our customers, will send in an idea that truly is an initiative more than a feature/story. Given all the great capabilities of this system, it seems highly beneficial to take an idea and then convert to an initiative (when needed) to gain the benefits of the system to further vet out and breakdown the initiative. Additionally, since we are integrated with Jira, it would allow that to flow down to an Epic, which would be the appropriate thing. Please consider adding this. I am sure if it was added, more people would find value rather than just waiting for more people to ask for it.

    Since your company is made up of Product Managers, what is their take? Would it be helpful to them? How do they handle these situations today? If there is a better way to manage this within the existing system, please share that as it may meet our needs.


    Thank you for the consideration.