Promote an Idea to a Release

The current functionality to promote an idea to either a feature or an initiative is fantastic but there is a use-case for when promoting ideas to releases would be extremely useful.

Marketing teams will often create an ideas portal in order to collect ideas and suggestions from internal teams and market partners on new campaign ideas. These ideas will then be prioritised and promoted to releases in Aha! where a number of digital assets will then be added to the releases as features which the creative teams will then build.

Currently an an idea can either be promoted to an initiative and then mapped to a release in a 1:1 relationship (unnecessary overhead and the initiative contains the information rather than the release) or as a feature within a campaign (which then goes in with all the digital assets that need to be created and technically isn't a feature).

In this instance promoting to a release really would make sense. I would imagine other teams such as Sales could also benefit from this functionality. Thanks!

  • Justin Woods
  • Nov 14 2016
  • Unlikely to implement
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  • Dan Curis commented
    February 24, 2017 16:31

    Would be a huge benefit for our team - I am happy to walk through how!

  • Guest commented
    February 06, 2018 11:22

    I'm interested in knowing why this was marked as "unlikely to implement"? We're using Ideas as our opportunity backlog and sometimes these as well as user-submitted ideas are actually full-on projects rather than simply features. Being able to promote to a release (or even a product!) would be very useful.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    February 06, 2018 16:51

    Hi Lisa, in most use cases we have heard it would be better to promote the idea to a record within the release (e.g. master feature or feature) vs the release itself thanks to the additional capabilities of those record types. For example, one option for ideas that represent larger projects would be to promote those to master features. This would allow you then break down individual features that all map back to the master feature -- either contained in a single release or spread across multiple releases. 

  • Merel Verdonk commented
    August 22, 2018 11:00

    This would be extremely useful in our team. We use releases as projects and the portal to request projects. 

  • Michael Ellis commented
    October 10, 2018 11:02

    Would be a big + allowing us to promote ideas to Releases as we use these as Milestones and would be an ideal way to get that initial idea in front of the teams prior to having a more mature milestone.

  • Eran Malovany commented
    October 28, 2018 17:24

    We are using the release as a milestone, and it's a blocker for us not allowing convert idea to a release/milestone please advise if there is any plan to integrate this option soon.


  • Barnett Klane commented
    October 30, 2018 05:45

    As a PM team, we define criteria per release, giving engineering and design room to own the "how" is best to solve it. Thus we often find ourselves looking to promote to a release (where we do a start of a hand-off) so they can own writing the feature stories, but understand the needs.


    This would be very useful for us as well.

  • Barnett Klane commented
    October 28, 2019 18:59

    To workaround the lack of this feature, we've been using the linking of records to say an idea is `contained in` a release. While not as good as the idea, it helps provide the data-relationship.

  • Guest commented
    12 Feb 06:46

    We are collecting requests and ideas from our sales team through a portal. Every project we do will be a release in Aha for various reasons. Right now we have to create the project manually and loose the connection with the idea.