Bulk promote idea to feature

It would be nice to be able to bulk promote selected ideas in idea list to features and link to a release

  • Odd-Henrik Aasen
  • Oct 22 2015
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Release time frame
  • Oct 11, 2017

    Admin Response

    Today we launched an update to make idea management in Aha! even easier. You can now promote ideas in bulk to new and existing features, master features, and initiatives. Check out the blog post for more details.

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  • Ross Reynolds (External) commented
    November 24, 2015 05:50

    Props to that... Look forward to this one.  

  • Sovit Biswas commented
    August 17, 2016 07:32

    Do we have a timeline for this feature's implementation?

  • Diane Tinney commented
    October 06, 2016 16:00

    Users think in a granular way, and on new products, as a team, we often capture needs at the user story level. Rather than keep this in yet another Excel workbook, would be great to record in Ideas and then be able to combine the ideas into a single Feature. Similar to Feature convert to Requirements, but in this case, do not lose the details. It can be text if needed or an attachment.

  • Bryan Finck commented
    March 15, 2017 19:33

    Is there an update on this feature? This would be very helpful!

  • Aaron Whipple commented
    June 05, 2017 21:10

    We need this pretty badly, but specifically for us we need it to Master Features, not Features.

  • Jonathan Marcel commented
    August 08, 2017 23:10

    Until this feature is implemented I will not be able to be successful with Aha. This is must-have for me.

  • Aaron Whipple commented
    August 09, 2017 19:58

    To be clear, the functionality that Jonathan Marcel and we as a whole need is the ability to bulk promote many ideas to a single existing master feature.

  • Diane Tinney commented
    October 11, 2017 21:02

    Thanks Austin! Good to see ideas at work!