Initiatives misaligned when using "create initiative" button

When adding initiatives using the "create initiative" button, the last initiative added will be indented. Then, if you click on any other initiative to bring out the detail slider, that initiative will be indented. 

Tested 3 times on Chrome Browser. Repeated each time. 


  1. Create an initiative
  2. Add another initiative using the "create initiative" button

It will be indented. You can try adding multiple using the "press enter to add another" and the indent will not happen until you use the "create initiative" button. 

NOTE: Saving to image or PDF aligns the initiatives correctly. 

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  • Oct 4 2018
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Release time frame
  • Oct 5, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. The selected initiative is indented in the initiative details view so that it is clear which initiative you are viewing. You will notice that clicking another initiative will indent the card and display the details to the right. This is similar to the Feature > Details view.

    There is an issue here that is likely causing confusion. If you are viewing the initiative grid view and add an initiative, the view is switched to the details view. We will address this soon.

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