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The enterprise + plan is great.  I think there is a real opportunity to go the next step and provide services and support for implementation and professional services from Aha!  The Aha! team is great at advising, asking questions, but it stops at doing the work for the client.  This may be a philosophical choice, but we would easily pay for skilled implementation advisers to come in (on site) help us create artifacts, templates, and work with our organization to understand our context and help us at the ground level. 

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  • Apr 12 2018
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  • Apr 19, 2018

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    We agree. Here is the challenge. We are a team of experienced former product managers with deep Aha! mastery that respond to customers globally on average in under 2 hours. The level of service we provide is high. And our expectations of the level of service we will always provide is high. This means that we are weary of recommending third parties at this time (to consult either remotely or onsite). We think this will change in the future though as we develop and offer certification programs that will help us provide some assurance that a partner really knows Aha! 

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