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Status Future consideration
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Milosz Konarczyk
Created on Dec 6, 2023

PI Planning event execution

Who would benefit?

It would save a lot of time and reduce the manual effort of PI Planning preparation and event Execution. It will show that Aha is a tool for Portfolio management and also Planning. With extensive current effort of Aha to align to PI Planning it seems to be next step since integration are already in place.

What impact would it make?

It will move people more into the Aha and use it as a single source of truth without any external tools. Right now Whiteboard functionality is not so intuitive and it is far behind competitors like Mural or Miro and now it needs to chase upgraded PI Planning experience of SAFe

How should it work?

Upgrade a Whiteboard and improve the UX of that functionality to reflect what competitors are doing

Whiteboards (or add in) should works like in the examples that you are able to easily drag and drop Features and stories during your pi planning. The same with capacity and load calculation to improve planning experience.

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