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Created on Mar 27, 2018

Show Features in Kanban style within a Release Container


As a user, I want to group features in columns based on their status, so I can better communicate the sprint status to stakeholders from within Aha Notebooks and printouts.


When you load a Release container in Aha, you have the basics of what you need to communicate the goals of the sprint to devs and stakeholders. 

The key thing that is missing is a visual view in the Release container that lets you show each feature (mapped to JIRA stories) with the corresponding status that you have configured in Aha.


If we could create a Release template that also included columns mapped to Key statuses we get back from our integrations, we could include this easily in a Notebook so stakeholders could have a canonical view of status.

This idea was inspired as a workaround to (Unlikely to Implement), where we could have story cards that could be printed.
This was to allow better visibility outside of Aha of the work in flight.

My feeling is that if we have a better way to represent sprints in Aha, we can wean people off JIRA for the Kanban view and take some of the information overload out of Aha.

Having the status presented accurately in Aha within the release context will allow Product Owners that need to focus on in-the-weeds execution to have a better grasp on where their devs are with a sprint.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. This is currently possible using the Features -> Workflow view. You can add a Release name filter to customize the view to show a specific release then export to a notebook to share with stakeholders.

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