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Created on Apr 13, 2016

Allow Separate Kanban Board for Tasks related to Releases

I would like to use Aha to manage all of the tasks related to our releases, but need something more than the Gantt chart.  I need to be able to monitor status of all release tasks on a Kanban board and be able to pivot and filter based off of employee, product, release, custom fields, etc.  I like the approach that ProjectPlace has for this that combines Gantt Chart capability with Kanban board management of tasks.  Would like to similar on Aha.  That would be a complete and winning offering.

    Apr 13, 2016

    Its currently possible to create reports on Tasks through the Reports Pivot page. This would allow you to pivot and filter on employees, products, releases, custom fields and more. In addition to the Releases roadmap page, this would be an additional place which offers additional customization.

    Based on the existing available functionality and current priorities, we are unlikely to create a separate Kanban board for Tasks but hope that the Reports page can help you achieve the same goals. Based on the existing functionality, we will mark this idea as Already exists.

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