Determine default Home Page for All Users

When a user logs into Aha!, the first page they see is the page "How Aha! works". Our users are reporting that this is confusing, as they want to navigate to a page within the product itself (i.e. Feature Board or Releases Overview"). Users arriving on theĀ "How Aha! works" page have to find out how to navigate into the product - so it takes a little while. For us it is critical for adoption of Aha! that executives and other company stakeholders be presented with a page that presents them with exactly what they need to see first - instead of having to find out how to navigate there.

So if a user hasn't already set their own home page, we would like to specify what the "default" landing/home page should be - other than the "How Aha! works" page. This is a helpful page, but more as a knowledge base/reference that someone would have to click into if they are looking for that kind of info.

  • Matt Howard
  • Mar 22 2018
  • Future consideration
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