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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Matt Howard
Created on Mar 22, 2018

Determine default Home Page for All Users

When a user logs into Aha!, the first page they see is the page "How Aha! works". Our users are reporting that this is confusing, as they want to navigate to a page within the product itself (i.e. Feature Board or Releases Overview"). Users arriving on the "How Aha! works" page have to find out how to navigate into the product - so it takes a little while. For us it is critical for adoption of Aha! that executives and other company stakeholders be presented with a page that presents them with exactly what they need to see first - instead of having to find out how to navigate there.

So if a user hasn't already set their own home page, we would like to specify what the "default" landing/home page should be - other than the "How Aha! works" page. This is a helpful page, but more as a knowledge base/reference that someone would have to click into if they are looking for that kind of info.

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  • Guest
    Jun 23, 2022

    Agree and support this idea, we have a mix of heavy Aha! users/light users. The ability to set default homepages and block the views out that are not applicable will greatly increase the adoption of the platform.

  • Ian Doull
    May 13, 2022

    Very much agree that is a useful addition to get a standardized 'homepage' for all user; helps in consistent messaging...

  • William Wang
    Feb 22, 2021

    This is incredibly important for us as we expand the use cases of Aha across multiple workspaces. Currently we intentionally disable certain navigation items that is irrelevant for a particular workspace. However if an user navigates from another workspace, it defaults to whatever page they originated from.


    Workspace 1 has only 'Roadmaps' enabled in navigation.

    Workspace 2 has only 'Strategy' (goals/initiatives) enabled in navigation.

    When use goes to 'Strategy' in Workspace 2, then navigates to Workspace 1, the default landing page is 'Strategy' in Workspace 1. Even though this is something we don't wish to expose.

  • Guest
    Jan 8, 2021

    Highly interested in this feature.

  • Allie Emrich
    Jun 5, 2020

    Would really love to see this implemented. I created a landing page on our workspace overview, and would love to make that the default landing page for everyone in our company given that it can be a dense tool to navigate. Please consider implementing this in the near future!

  • Guest
    Mar 16, 2019

    Absolutely agree! This is quite inconvenient especially when onboarding new employees who do not belong to the product organization but use Aha to review the roadmap.


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