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As an organization we'd like to ensure we navigate all Aha users to a specific landing page when logging in. We'd like to set this to the features list view but it could change and so we want to make it customizable across all users. Two important things to note:

1. This should work with SSO ( does not work)

2. It should be a global setting across all users so we can guide them to the required page (can be overwritten by personal preference if the user so chooses at a later point of time)

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  • Mar 23 2019
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    Ron Yang commented
    23 Mar 20:19

    Thank you for the request. Can you share more about this idea? 

    I would love to hear more about whether there is additional information that you would like to share with new users when they join your Aha! account (beyond starting them on a features list page)

  • Guest commented
    05 Apr 17:22

    Yes, I would love to be able to customize the tour that we take the users on once they're logged in. What you've done with the default guidance is good but does not allow me to tell my users where they can find the information we've curated for them. Ideally, I want to tell them where to go, which tabs to click on, what details are pertinent for them to be productive. The reason I think this is important is because I spent a bunch of time training multiple audiences on these exact details. If the product could guide them through the same, that would save a lot of time for everyone.