Slack integration - allow Aha! Reviewers to create ideas

In the new outbound slack integration Reviewers can add ideas in Aha! but cannot via slack right now.

Please could you add the ability for Reviewers to add ideas via slack like they can in Aha!

  • Tom Bailey
  • Feb 2 2018
  • Shipped
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  • Noble Ackerson commented
    March 02, 2018 19:44

    I see this is now shipped. Thanks, guys!  I came to share the same feedback though is there any documentation on this. Slack users who aren't yet paid members report the following command

    /aha ideas 

    requires an Aha! login (vs. aha portal login) as of today. What was actually shipped? Any help appreciated.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    March 02, 2018 20:40

    Hi Noble, the Slack integration does in fact require an Aha! login. This idea was shipped, so now Reviewers (free and unlimited on our Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans) can add ideas via Slack. Thanks!

  • Noble Ackerson commented
    March 02, 2018 20:57

    @Austin, thanks for your response. In that case, the merged idea is actually addressing a different User need and thus shouldn't have been merged. 

    I can create a new ticket if needed. Non-Users/Reviewers can submit ideas via the web portal so extending that as part of Slack -> Aha! seems like a next step. Happy to explain further.