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Created on May 30, 2019

Search ideas from slack

It’d be great to have a way to search ideas from Slack directly. To encourage more people in our company to interact and vote for ideas in Aha.

One challenge with the current slack integration is, even though it’s easy to add a new idea (or feature, etc), it’s hard to search for current ideas from slack. If they can’t search current ideas (to add a vote, or search for an idea before adding in) they worry their just adding duplicates to our system, so don’t add any ideas at all. As a result, they don’t add ideas there at all - rather they just add them to their backlogs in JIRA.


    May 31, 2019

    Thank you for your idea. The Slack integration will currently automatically search ideas before creating a new one. If someone enters a new idea and there are related ideas (based on the name) links to those ideas will be shown to the user directly in Slack. See the attached example.

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