Remember what you wanted to import

As a user of Aha! and Jira I want help remembering what I have entered as a filter instruction when importing data from Jira so that I can more easily fine tune my filter to get the right data imported.

In the 'Import from development tool' function when importing data from Jira there are two steps to identify what items are to be imported. On one page the user sets up filters using Jira's JQL language, then on the next page the user is presented with lists of items that will be imported thanks to those filters. If the items are not quite right the user may need to go back to the previous page to edit the filters. However, Aha! does not remember the filters that had been entered, so the user must re-write them from scratch each time.

Aha! should remember the filter commands entered by the user to simplify the task of fine tuning should the need arise.

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  • Jan 26 2018
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