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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created on Jan 26, 2018

Manual selection of items selected for import from Jira

As a user of Aha! and Jira I want to be able to select the items that get imported from Jira so that I can more easily coordinate and synchronise the data held in the two products.

There are two main tools that allow data to be brought into Aha! from Jira. First through 'Integration Updates' and second through the 'Import from development tool' function. These two tools are slightly different and serve different purposes so it is valuable to have both. However they work in different ways, and there are capabilities of the former that are missing from the latter.

'Integration Updates' presents a list of things that Jira has identified to be imported (and that Aha! has identified to be exported) and allows the user to mark each item to Import or Ignore. 'Import from development tool' presents a similar list of things found to import, but does not allow the user to manually select from this list. The only way the user can control the list of things to be imported here is through a complex JQL script.

The 'Import from development tool' function should be updated to provide the same or similar mechanism for controlling imports as the 'Integration Updates' function offers.

    Feb 1, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. As you mention the two different mechanisms for importing serve slightly different purposes. The Import from development tool function is designed to provide an ability to do bulk imports and as such allows you to customize the JQL query to bring back the exact group of records you wish to import. One suggestion for creating your JQL query is to use the search function in Jira. Once you have created a search which provides the list you want to import, you can click "Advanced" to reveal the JQL query which you can then copy and paste into Aha!

    Given the ability to customize results using JQL we are unlikely to make changes at this time. We hope you can understand.

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