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Created on Mar 21, 2019

Complete Auto Import Functionality -- not just children of existing linked records

This is regarding the JIRA integration feature:

Automatically Import New Records:

Records will be imported automatically to Aha! from Jira. This applies to records which are created as children of previously linked initiatives, releases, master features, and features.

This feature label seems to be misleading in its current state (tooltip clarifies nicely).  The feature would more intuitively be labeled as "Automatically Import New Child Records to Existing Parent Records" and then the tooltip could help describe what it doesn't do (i.e. sync new parent records, or sync new child records that are not contained within a linked parent record that's synced).

The problem is when a new parent record is created, we must manually approve of that import.  This is frustrating, as when I log into Aha! I expect to immediately begin the work I set out to accomplish, not to become a database administrator that must reconcile records for minutes/hours before I can be productive in this tool.  This can be time consuming for several reasons:

  1. Unsure if the import process can be a background job or not, therefore stuck on current page and cannot navigate to do other work.
    1. Perhaps you can log it as a background job.
  2. Even if it were a background job, I'm still concerned with proceeding forward to work in Aha! without an accurate up-to-date list of records that's fully synced with the JIRA integration
    1. Perhaps you can automatically cache the import in real-time (pull from JIRA every 5 minutes) and create the records while hiding them until approved. Then my approval process would be instant.  Anything that's declined/ignored in the import would be instantly discarded.
  3. Imports can take a very long time
    1. Perhaps same solution as above.
  4. The import approval process doesn't provide a filtered view for you to approve only at the parent record level.  Therefore you must approve a massive list of each granular record (parent & child piled together)
    1. Perhaps implement a filter in the import approval modal that allows users to filter on parent items.  When approving parent items you can choose to also opt-in to approve their child records automatically.
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  • I R
    Jan 18, 2024

    The biggest problem our teams are facing right now is that because releases/iterations never have parents and we have release engineers/IaC teams that may handle delivery they aren't using Aha! but the product teams need to be able to have items import as part of releases. Those should be coming over automatically.

  • Donald Hebert
    Apr 14, 2023

    Agreed with most comments above, although from an implementation perspective, we would be willing to configure our Aha! workspace <> Jira configuration where certain conditions would need to be met for automated inbound Feature upload (without a parent) to be automatic (in the Parking Lot, or in the left-most release, based on Workspace config). We don't need additional approvals as we'll have hundreds of workspaces to manage - this should be seamless. We realize best practice is to create Features in Aha! and push them down, but there will be cases where, to expedite the process, an engineer may need to create a Feature/Epic in Jira. We're happy to MVP with Aha! Really tedious for hundreds for Product Managers to have to manage that queue. A central admin could manage this too, but may not be timely enough... it should be instantaneous.

  • Guest
    May 1, 2020

    Understand why auto-imports should be set to OFF as default. An ON / OFF toggle is all that's needed really. (I say ALL flippantly knowing that there will naturally be work to enable it!)

  • Guest
    Feb 21, 2020

    Without this our automation process is broken and we cannot proceed. It is a huge problem for us to go in and manually import new releases every time one is created in our upstream engineering tool.

  • Marie Sligh
    Jan 6, 2020

    I want this too, though I'm interested in the Azure DevOps integration, rather than Jira. Hopefully it's the same solution for everyone.


    My biggest reasons for wanting to be able to automatically sync new top-level records are:

    1.) My entire company relies on reports coming out of Aha to get insight into the progress on development. Therefore, in order to keep those up-to-date, I have to manually import records at least once a day, sometimes more frequently. In this day and age, the system should do that for me. I shouldn't have to do it. It's time consuming, and incredibly annoying. Having to do this every day is my number one complaint with Aha

    2.) Sometimes I'm out - sick, vacation, business meeting, etc.... On those days, records just don't get imported at all and have to wait until I'm available again. Which makes the company lose faith in the reports coming out of Aha as always being up-to-date and the source of truth.