Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Doug Wilson
Created on Feb 13, 2020

Please Add a Setting to Turn Off the Automatic Imports of Unlinked Jira User Stories

I believe that the way integration is currently implemented is based on a faulty assumption, e.g. that customers want all user stories created in an integrated Jira project and board to be sync'd to Aha!.
We'd much prefer that this not be the case.  Instead, we'd prefer to drive a more selective, intentional integration process by explicitly creating new stories in Jira from Aha! features -OR- by explicitly linking existing stories in Jira with Aha! features.  This is the way Aha!'s documentation describes the process by the way.  The "Enable" tab of the integration "wizard" seems to state that only children of previously linked Aha! record types will be automatically imported:
"This applies to records which are created as children of previously linked initiatives, releases, master features, and features."
But this is not the behavior we're seeing.
We have stories that were created in Jira with no relationship to any kind of Aha! records, and Aha! is attempting to automatically import them.  As a result, my "Integration updates" queue is filling up with a bunch of notifications that then have to be manually marked to be ignored.
There should at least be a way to turn this unwanted behavior off.  Thanks!
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