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Created on Jan 19, 2018

Starter Roadmap: Accurate Presentation of Feature by Goal

A release can have multiple features. Each feature may be contributing to a different goal. 

A release therefore contributes to multiple goals.

Whilst the starter roadmap will show releases in the goals it is attributed to, it is not showing only the features within that release associated with that goal.

As a result the starter roadmap is not an accurate representation of which feature is contributing to a goal.


So. I have Goal A, Goal B and Goal C.

I have Release "1.1".

I have Feature X, Feature Y and Feature Z

All Features are part of Release 1.1

Feature X is associated with Goal A

Feature Y is associated with Goal B

Feature Z is associated with Goal C.

When creating a starter roadmap with all three goals, then adding Release 1.1, then adding all three features, the result is the release appears in all 3 goals (correct behaviour). However, what then happens is that all three features appear in all three goals. This is not correct. It should show only the features related to that outcome within that release. So the feature should appear only once, not three times.

Please extend the logic to appreciate feature associations to goals within a release.

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